Whether you want to take IELTS for work, study or migration, you might find that it’s quite difficult to prepare for the exam all by yourself. We are here to help: here are the best YouTube channels to prepare for IELTS.

If your IELTS is on the horizon, you can easily purchase a few IELTS preparation books, do the exercises and check the correct answers in the cheat sheet. The writing and speaking parts are much more tricky. To score higher than 7.0, not only must you have an extensive vocabulary, it’s also important to learn the strategies that will help you master a topi y. That’s where YouTube IELTS preparation videos might help.

We believe there are a lot of great English teachers on YouTube. In this article, we’ll only pay attention to those focused on IELTS. As 5 members of our team are/were preparing to IELTS, our team hand-picked the best channels that helped us to improve our English and get a clear understanding of what’s ahead.

Learn English with Rebecca [engvid]

Strongly recommended if:

  • You want to revise your tenses  knowledge / struggling with tenses 

If you checked out YouTube for IELTS preparation videos, you’ve probably seen a few from engvid. No wonder, they have over 2 million subscribers and the number is constantly growing. They have several teachers and all of them offer great help when preparing for IELTS.

Rebecca has a very pleasant voice so you’ll enjoy listening to her. The information she provides is structured and easy to remember.

Rebecca’s channel focuses primarily on tenses so if you feel the need to revise tenses, you need to follow her channel. She also uploads some videos that’ll extend your vocabulary. Here’s a video on optimistic English we loved (great vocabulary for the Speaking part!)

Academic IELTS Help

Strongly recommended if: 

  • The Speaking part is the most tricky for you.

The AcademicIELTS Help channel is one of the most useful channels when it comes to Speaking preparation. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not only for those who are preparing for an Academic IELTS. It’s a great help anyway as Academic IELTS offers advanced vocabulary.

We totally love their mock interviews of the Speaking part which demonstrate the typical mistakes and vocabulary you should use in order to get a 8.0+ band. Each video offers an explanation of why this or that student got this or that band. Of course, there are controversial videos when a student speaking perfect English gets a 7.5, but at least if you watch several videos, you’ll get an idea of what vocabulary you should use, how to react to difficult questions when you don’t know what to say.

Here’s an example video of how to score 9.0 band during the Speaking part. He’s really good. Time for some inspiration!

This YouTube channel will be of use if you’re preparing for an Academic IELTS. Their paid product is an Academic IELTS Premium package which is only $59 (as of 9/22/2020) but is ready to offer a piece of good advice for IELTS Academic solicitants.

Fasttrack IELTS

Strongly recommended if:

  • Your goal is to score at least 8.0 in each IELTS part

And the Oscar goes to… Ok, it’s not an Oscar, we just want to make this part more dramatic because this IELTS preparation YouTube channel is worth it.

Fasttrack IELTS offers numerous videos explaining each part of the test in detail, with a lot of examples. The channel host Asya is very meticulous and it’s easy to learn from her. I totally love that not only she gives you some general tips but her advice is very detailed. In general, she focuses on particular wordings or very precise things you should write or say to get the best possible band.

Another reason we admire this IELTS Youtube channel is that Asya’s originally from Kazakhstan. She moved to London in 2011. Don’t let this fact undervalue her experience and her level of preparation! In fact, it’s actually her strong point, she’s passed IELTS several times so her exam strategies are both updated and time-proven. She updates her materials every year so far so it’s not outdated advice most books offer.

Here’s the video that we’ve watched several times today. It presents a new set of questions from the Speaking part – hardest for us. Don’t miss it if speaking is tricky for you too.

Asya also has a paid IELTS preparation course, where she outlines easy techniques which will help you to deal with the hardest parts of the IELTS: writing and speaking.


  • Master the technique of writing your essay sentence by sentence
  • Learn how to plan your IELTS Writing essay effectively and give the right wording
  • Learn the phrases to use in tricky situations when you’re not sure what to say during the speaking part
  • Get to know idioms to use to get a higher score

The whole pack will cost you under $100, which is a great price. She put a lot of effort into doing so many great videos so I love the idea that she’ll get something in return.


There are a lot of Youtube IELTS preparation channels, however, many of them are not updated regularly. We have shared those that proved helpful to our editorial. This opinion is as subjective as any other opinion.

Don’t agree? Share your top YouTube IELTS preparation channels with us and let us know why you like them – we may later update this article and we don’t want to miss an opportunity to subscribe to great content regarding the IELTS exam 🙂

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